About Bidsquare Cloud

Following Bidsquare.com’s success as a leading auction marketplace platform for premier auction houses and dealers, Bidsquare launched Bidsquare Cloud.

Launched in 2020

Bidsquare Cloud extends its presence as the leading technology provider in the auction industry by launching a cloud-based fully customizable white label software that can be used for any industry looking for a best-in-class auction technology and software to run auctions and online events on their own website under their own brand.

In addition to providing a white label software, Bidsquare Cloud events can be co-listed and synced with the Bidsquare.com marketplace.

Co-listing and synced bidding with Bidsquare.com marketplace currently available for 15 categories including Fine Art, Furniture, Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry & Watches, Toys and More.

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision is to be the global destination and leading auction technology provider for serious collectors and buyers around the world to find rare and authentic items from premier auction houses.

We believe in giving businesses the tools they need and the ability to leverage technology to connect serious collectors to the world’s most esteemed auction houses and sellers through a best-in-class auction and ecommerce technology.

We help collectors and buyers discover and acquire items and achieve the best price.

Bidsquare is dedicated to the promotion of quality, integrity and trust in every sale and item.